3 Gifts to go with your Los Angeles Motorhome Rental this Holiday Season


3 Gifts to go with your Los Angeles Motorhome Rental this Holiday Season

December 10, 2015 09:14 AM

Gift giving season is just around the corner, and there is no better time to shop for presents to accompany your upcoming road trip with Los Angeles RV rentals.  While California motorhome rentals make for a great Christmas present, there are a lot of smaller tech items that will help make this winter’s road trip unforgettable.  After reserving your Los Angeles motorhome rentalwith Expedition Motorhomes, check out these unique stocking stuffers for the travelers in your family!

Add Some Solar Power to your Los Angeles RV Rentals

California is the perfect state to take advantage of solar power and, no matter where you are exploring this winter, a solar charger for your phone, tablet, or computer will prove a worthy tool.  Secur has become one of the leading providers of solar charging units in the industry.  Recently, they have unveiled their coolest product to date: a solar powered and weatherproof smart phone and MP3 charger and speaker.  Whether you’re exploring the beach or the forest in your Motorhome rentals in California, this product will be able to provide the soundtrack to your road trip.

Easy Access to Maps and Music from your Los Angeles Motorhome Rental

In recent years, fumbling with a smartphone while driving has caused as many accidents as drinking and driving.  Thanks to one company, however, driving just got a lot safer.  The sleek design of the Kenu Airframe will securely hold onto your smartphone while simultaneously mounting to any vehicle’s air vent.  Not only will you be able to easily adjust your music but, as you explore the various highways and byways in your Los Angeles RV rentals, you can also have our GPS and maps readily available.

Maximize your Smartphone Camera to Capture Memories from the Road

Cameras on smartphones are improving with each new release and, now, there is an easy way to get even more out of your phone’s photography capabilities.   Olloclip has created a line of high quality lenses to add to iPads and Galaxy and iPhones.  If you think your phone’s camera is exceptional now, just wait until you start shooting through an Olloclip lens.  It won’t take long before you are nominated as the official photographer of your California road trip. It’s impossible to not have a good time on a motorhome vacation.  However, you can always have more fun, and the above three gifts will ensure you and your family do just that!  First, however, contact Expedition Motorhomes and choose the vehicle of your dreams from our wide selection of California motorhome rentals.  Then, unwrap the presents under your tree and get ready to explore California this winter with all of your new gifts from Santa’s Road Trip Workshop!


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