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Los Angeles RV rental consignment

The perfect motorhome rental business

“Perfect for the RV owner who can not use his RV enough to justify his possession; for those who want an RV but do not believe they can afford it; or for those who owe more on their RV than they can sell for.”

— FMCA 1998

The way it works

  1. You allow us to rent your motor home for vacationers when you are not using it.
  2. We divide the rental rate.
  3. Your income may be enough to make your monthly payments AND pay the insurance AND pay the registration, AND pay the maintenance, AND pay for the storage, AND pay the various expenses and taxes, And probably put several thousand dollars each year in your pocket!!!
  4. Since you earn income by renting your motor home, you can become a business and enjoy many of the advantages of being in your own passive business; Tax deductions!
  5. You do not have to do anything in the business.
  6. We do the publicity, we organize the rent, we charge the money, we maintain your motorhome in the same conditions in which we obtained it, we make repairs, we store it and we provide year-end tax reports.
  7. If you need them … you can get more than $ 30,000 in tax deductions because you allow us to rent your motor home.

What Customers Say

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