Trip Cancellation Plan

TCP reimburses you if your trip is cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • Sickness of anyone in traveling party;
  • Injury or death of anyone in traveling party or immediate family;
  • Employment termination or layoff (if employed more than 3 years);
  • Primary residence is rendered uninhabitable by unforeseen circumstances;
  • Burglary of your primary residence within 48 hrs. of departure.

TCP will reimburse

  • within 7 days, full rental costs collected per Rental Contract
  • less $40.00 ($15 Credit report charge, & $25 processing fee)

Normal Cancellation Charge is:

  • $100.00 from receipt of application up to 21 days before scheduled departure;
  • $500.00 between 14 to 20 days before scheduled departure;
  • Full rental fee.less than 13 days before scheduled departure.

Cancellation must be made in writing, within 24 hours of occurrence, and at least 48 hours before scheduled departure. Supportive documentation may be required. Holiday reservations excepted.

Your cost for the Trip Cancellation Plan is $10.00 per day of rental.

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