3 Perfect Drives for Reflection in your California RV Rentals this Thanksgiving


3 Perfect Drives for Reflection in your California RV Rentals this Thanksgiving

November 2, 2015 10:22 AM

It’s the season to give thanks and gratitude, and the best time to relax and reflect is behind the wheel of California motor home rentals as you cruise down our picturesque highways en route to any number of unforgettable locations.  With Expedition Motorhomes, RV road trips have never been easier!  Stop in today to reserve the perfect vehicle for your Thanksgiving getaway.  Here are three famed California roads that not only provide the perfect meditative state this holiday season but also breathtaking beauty along the way.

Explore the California Coast in your Los Angeles Class C RV

The most famed road in all of California, and a top drive for the entire country, follows California’s beautiful and sometimes rugged coast for over 650 miles.  California State Route 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway, runs from south of Los Angeles to north of San Francisco into Mendocino County.  You will soak up sweeping views of glamorous beaches, rocky shoreline, and rugged cliff-side terrain as you gaze out the big picture window of your Los Angeles rental trailers.  With plenty of amazing places to stop along the way, the PCH provides the perfect outlet to reflect upon all the things you are thankful for.

Reach Zen in the Desert from the Comfort of your California RV Rentals

Most visitors to California are drawn to the coast, and it really is a shame that far fewer take the time to visit some of this state’s remarkable deserts.  Now is your chance, when you choose from our wide variety of motor home rentals in California and point the wheel to U.S. Route 395.  This highway starts northwest of Los Angeles and makes its way up to the Oregon border via the eastern portion of the state, even hopping the border into Nevada.  On its way north, U.S. 395 passes through the Mohave Desert, Owens Valley, and even part of the Sierra Nevada.  It also provides access to Mount Whitney and Death Valley, both great places toreflect and give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Cruise the Perimeter of Lake Tahoe in the Comfort of a Los Angeles Class CRV

As the largest lake in the United States after the Great Lakes and North America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe is sure to inspire an inner feeling of gratitude.  If you have the time this Thanksgiving, take your Los Angeles rental trailers north to the Sierras and treat yourself to a drive around this natural wonder.   The drive itself only takes a couple of hours, but it is lined with beautiful vistas, countless hikes, Vegas-worthy casinos, and all types of mom & pop eateries.  Each side of the lake offers something totally different, and the route around the lake is perfect for sightseeing and reflection. As you prepare for the holiday season and Thanksgiving, consider some highway meditation to give thinks and get your mind in the right place going into the holidays.  Stop into Expedition Motorhomes and search our inventory ofCalifornia RV rentals.  Choose the perfect Los Angeles Class C RV or Los Angeles rental trailers and prepare yourself for some unforgettable time behind the wheel.


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