5 Gadgets to not Forget on your Next RV Campout


5 Gadgets to not Forget on your Next RV Campout

March 4, 2015 02:18 AM

One of the major attractions of RV camping is the comfort that is associated with it.  In fact, many would argue that it shouldn’t be considered camping at all. Leasing an RV or Los Angeles pop up camper rental from Expedition Motor Homes will provide a great Los Angeles escape without compromising the comforts of home.

Get into Nature with a Los Angeles pop up trailer rental from Expedition

It is our goal to provide affordable and luxurious ways to experience nature. To fully appreciate comfort on the road, don’t forget these 5 gadgets on your next RV “camping” trip.

Digital Camera

Whether you are taking Los Angeles coach rental, full-size RV, or Los Angeles pop up camper rental on your next excursion, each will allow you to experience the most spectacular landscapes California has to offer.  Ensure your vacation is more than a memory by bringing a digital camera (and extra memory cards) so you can shoot photos to your heart’s content.


While your Los Angeles pop up trailer rental will be spacious and comfortable, it will not have room for you to bring your entire home library.  If you are like us and enjoy reading beside babbling brooks, underneath starry skies, or deep in the quietude of the forest bring your Nook or Kindle to guarantee you have plenty of reading material on hand.

Portable Speaker

If quiet and solitude are not your motivating factors for camping, then make sure you don’t forget a portable speaker for your time in the woods.  Music can add a special dimension to any occasion, and a small portable speaker will turn your sleepy campsite into a Los Angeles pop up trailer rental party in no time!


When camping, you are on the schedule of the sun.  If you don’t want to end your night when the sun goes down, make sure to bring a variety of light sources.  Headlamps, LED lanterns, or even candles will add ambiance to your camping experience and hours to the end of each night spent outdoors.

Mobile Hotspot

Nowadays, it is possible to stay connected with your devices just about anywhere.  If you are not looking to escape the connection of everyday life but would rather stay tuned in to the happenings back home, consider bringing a mobile hotspot.  It will make your life much easier than relying on the free Wi-Fi of campgrounds or local establishments and will make your Los Angeles pop up trailer rental feel that much more like home. While Expedition Motor Homes focuses on Los Angeles pop up camper rental and Los Angeles coach rental, but ultimately we specialize in providing the tools necessary for people to comfortably explore the outdoors.  To enjoy nature but feel like you’ve never left home, come in today to explore our rental options at Expedition – just don’t forget the five gadgets mentioned above!


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