Cheers! 5 Must Visit Craft Breweries in Northern California


Cheers! 5 Must Visit Craft Breweries in Northern California

January 5, 2015 05:42 PM

In recent years the craft beer scene has taken the country by storm. Thousands of small breweries have popped up in all fifty states but, in terms of variety and taste, California’s microbreweries are amongst the best. No California RV road trip is complete without stopping by at least one of our award winning craft breweries and, once you visit one, you may very well find yourself transforming your road trip into a brewery tour-tour! After renting your vehicle from Expedition Motor Homes and pointing the wheel north, visit these 5 breweries in Northern California for an unforgettable experience. Of course if you do, make sure you are clear on whose turn it is to be designated driver, or better yet, just pitch camp close by and enjoy the walk. Here are some tips on a few of our favorites enjoyed on a recent California road trip:

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Located north of San Francisco in Mendocino County lies the small town of Boonville – home toan absolutely beautiful landscape and Anderson Valley Brewing Company. Anderson Valley boasts brewery tours and an 18-hole disc golf course on site where, of course, you can enjoy fresh brewed beer while strolling the grounds. With a very green business plan and plenty of RVcamping and quaint bed and breakfasts nearby, Anderson Valley is a must visit to any beer or outdoor enthusiast. When you’re in the area, don’t be surprised if locals sound like they are speaking a different language, it’s probably just Boontling!  Bahl’ Hornin!

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

If you’re a fan of craft beer, you’ve probably tasted some of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s tasty ales. One of the larger craft breweries in California, this microbrewery is popular for all of the right reasons. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Chico, California, this brewery is a must-visit for every RV road trip and beer lover. Sierra Nevada offers perhaps the best brewery tours in Northern California – allowing guests to choose between 4 uniquely designed and very different tour options. Further, the RV camping available in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains is some of the best in the state.

Anchor Brewing

If San Francisco is on your RV trip agenda, then stopping in at Anchor Brewing is an absolute must. Anchor is located in the Potrero Hill neighborhood east of downtown and easily accessible from any of the main highways that bisect San Francisco. As the country’s oldest and first craft brewery, Anchor Brewing has perfected the art of beer making since its early roots in 1849. While the history may draw you in, the delicious variety of beer will keep you coming back for more.

Eel River Brewing Company

Twenty minutes south of Eureka California, near the Pacific Coast, and on the banks of the Eel River lays Eel River Brewing Company. Not only does this beautiful area of Northern California offer a plethora of side-trips and adventures for any RV road trip, but it is also home to the country’s first certified organic brewery. With hundreds of awards and honors, and the best ingredients on the market, Eel River Brewing Company has a unique story and an incredible selection of brews to support it.

Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery

The 1960s and 70s in San Francisco gave birth to a counter culture that forever changed the course of American art, music, literature, and politics. Visit the neighborhood responsible for much of this revolution while sipping a unique beer and mouthwatering meal at Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery. Located in the heart of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood near the eastern reaches of Golden Gate Park in downtown San Francisco is this gem of a brewpub surrounded by the colorful history of mid-20th Century America – a must stop if the Bay Area is on your road trip itinerary. Adding some of California’s craft breweries to your itinerary will add many unforgettable memories to your RV road trip. While the above five are highly recommended, there are simply too many one-of-a-kind breweries in Northern California to list them all here. We recommend you do a little research after renting your RV from Expedition Motor Homes, and find some microbreweries along your route to adventure to sample the local flavor!


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