Visiting California’s Best Waterfalls with Coach Rentals in Los Angeles


Visiting California’s Best Waterfalls with Coach Rentals in Los Angeles

May 16, 2017 11:21 AM

California is bracketed by miles of coastline to the west and seemingly endless mountains to the east. As such, it should come as no surprise that The Golden State is also home to some of the country’s most impressive and beautiful waterfalls.  As you plan your Los Angeles coach rentals road trip this summer, take advantage of what was a rainy and snowy winter in California to explore the streams and rivers that lead to the state’s best cascading falls.  While you will undoubtedly discover your own secret waterfalls on the highways and byways of The Golden State, below are some of Expedition Motorhomes’ favorites to get you thinking.  

Explore the Beautiful Wilderness Surrounding Mount Shasta

Northern California is the perfect destination for any road trip, and if you find yourself heading that way make sure not to miss Mount Shasta and the surrounding area.  The mountains, forests, and lakes are beautiful and, as far as waterfalls go, McCloud Falls on the McCloud River is certainly a site to behold.  The falls are made up of three distinct cascades, separated by cold plunge pools perfect for that hot summer day.  

The Quintessential Big Sur Waterfall

Highway 1 is a must-drive for any California road tripper.  One of the most scenic stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway takes drivers through Big Sur and Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park – home to McWay Falls.  The breathtaking cove, beautiful blue ocean water, and 80ft falls will have you asking if you stepped into a fairy tale.  Given its location on Highway 1, Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park is an almost obligatory stop on any road trip.  

A Northern Waterfall for the Intrepid Traveler

On the Pacific Coast a ways north of San Francisco is Point Reyes National Seashore – a destination for surfers, hikers, explores, and beach lovers alike.  After walking 4 miles from the trailhead amidst old growth forest, beautiful lakes, and Pacific Ocean viewpoints, you will discover the secluded stretch of beach that is home to Alamere Falls.  While the falls themselves are impressive, it is once again the location that makes this the perfect place to appreciate the beauty of a Californian summer.

Check out the Waterfall Capital of California in your Coach Rentals in Los Angeles

You cannot talk about the best waterfalls in California without mentioning Yosemite National Park. The park is home to some of the state’s tallest and most picturesque waterfalls and, when set in the backdrop of Yosemite Valley and the greater Sierra Mountains, this is one park that is not to be missed.  The waterfalls may grab your attention, but the wildlife, history, and overwhelming landscape will leave you utterly speechless.     A road trip through California is the perfect way to celebrate summer vacation.  As you enjoy the roads, campsites, and scenery of The Golden State, make time to explore some of the country’s most picturesque waterfalls.  These oases are the perfect place to park your Expedition Motorhomes Los Angeles coach rentals, find some peace and quiet, and soak in the magic of summer in California.  Whether you visit our above recommendations or find favorites of your own, chasing waterfalls through California is the perfect way to spend your vacation this season.


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