Drive your California motor home rentals to a trailhead and tackle a classic California Hike


Drive your California motor home rentals to a trailhead and tackle a classic California Hike

September 11, 2016 04:16 AM

Most folks assume summer is the best season for hiking throughout California but, here at Expedition Motorhomes, we have a different opinion.  Sure summer is a great season to explore the Golden State in Los Angeles Class A motorhomes, but fall is perhaps the best time of year to really get out and enjoy this state’s natural beauty.  The temperate October weather in combination with less people on the trails and less California motor home rentals in the campgrounds makes for the ideal hiking experience.  If you’re looking for a really good challenge, try tackling one of The Golden State’s tallest peaks.

Park your Los Angeles Class A Motorhomes & Hit the Highest Point in the Lower 48

At 14,505 feet Mount Whitney is the tallest point in the Lower 48 and, interestingly, is only 85 miles from the lowest point in North America in Death Valley.  If you’re looking for a real challenge, you can reach the top!  The most common way to the top is via the Mount Whitney Trail, a 22-mile round trip jaunt with over 6,100 feet in elevation gain.  By the time you get off the peak, you’ll be grateful for the comfort and relaxation afforded by your Los Angeles motorhomes rental.

Try for California’s Second Highest Peak and an even Greater Challenge

Less traveled than Mount Whitney, the Sierra Nevada’s Mount Williamson is the state’s second highest mountain at 14,379 feet.  Most people head up the West Side of the peak from Shepherd’s Pass which gives hikers a great view of five gorgeous alpine lakes.  The climb turns into a more technical scramble near the top, the hike to Shepherd’s Pass is eleven miles and the total elevation gain from bottom to top is 8,000 feet.  Far fewer people hike Williamson than Whitney and, in fall, it will make for a beautiful and quiet escape into the woods even if you don’t reach the summit.  Nearby, there is plenty of great camping for your California mot home rentals.

A Less Strenuous Option for your Los Angeles Motorhomes Rental Adventure

White Mountain Peak is California’s third highest peak at 14,252 feet.  It is the tallest summit in the White Mountains, which is a unique and beautiful range in and of itself.  While you can hike to the summit of White Mountain Peak you can also opt to drive to this high point via a 4WD road.  This road will not be suitable for your Los Angeles Motorhomes rental but, if you decide to tow a car or rent one in the area, the breathtaking road to the top is well worth it. Autumn is the perfect time of year to rent Los Angeles Class a motorhomes and hit the open road.  With less people on the roads and trails and fall colors starting to turn, October is the perfect month to squeeze in that California vacation you’ve been dreaming about.  While you’re out exploring the beauty of The Golden State, spend some time around one of California’s three tallest peaks either hiking them or just enjoying their grandeur.  So what are you waiting for?  Give Expedition Motorhomes a call or visit today and start preparing for the trip of a lifetime.


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