Where can we go with the motor home?


Where can we go with the motor home?

June 4, 2019 04:41 AM

Los Angeles is the perfect staging ground for planning your RV vacation. In every direction you’ll find beautiful state and national parks, miles of coastline, and wonders of the world! Take for example…

North: Travel northward along the Pacific coast toward Santa Barbara, through famous wine country to San Francisco and visit Fisherman’s Wharf. Drive on to Oregon and Washington, both famous for their coastlines, mountains, lakes, rivers, and state parks. Crater Lake National Monument is a popular destination that you and your family will remember forever. You can even dip in to Canada and the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. You can go inland a bit and see Yellowstone National Park, the Great Salt Lake, Mormon temple, and stay in town to catch a Utah Jazz game while you’re at it…Bear Lake Valley in Southern Idaho is one of the best kept secrets where all you will find is peace and serenity.

South: How about Disneyland and Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Long Beach Harbor and the Queen Mary or Spruce Goose, if flying tickles your fancy. San Diego is a popular destination with Sea World, the world famous San Diego Zoo, and Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, all favorite attractions.

East: Drop by Las Vegas to lose a few coins and see the attractions on your way to the wondrous Grand Canyon in Arizona. Venturing further East you’ll find New Mexico, where the name “The Land of Enchantment” is no accident.

West: Travel along hundreds of miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and enjoy fabulous fresh seafood, the wind, and the waves washing ashore on beautiful beaches. Dozens of State Parks offer plenty of places to stop, shop, eat, relax and enjoy each day!


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