Make a Death Valley Road Trip Unique in your Los Angeles RV Rental


Make a Death Valley Road Trip Unique in your Los Angeles RV Rental

April 14, 2015 09:16 AM

A mere four and a half hour road trip from Los Angeles is one of the most unique landscapes in the entire United States. In the eyes of many, Death Valley has an unwarranted bad reputation, but despite what you may think, this national park is the perfect destination for you to take your rental motorhome in LA. After selecting the perfect choice from the Expedition Motorhomes inventory of rental motorhomes in Los Angeles, point the wheel toward the Nevada border. Check out these destinations in Death Valley National Park that will totally change your view about the hottest place in America.

Scotty’s Castle

You may think your Los Angeles RV rental is the most comfortable way to experience the desert, but 1920s Chicago millionaire Albert Johnson has you beat. Johnson did not discover the gold he was promised in Death Valley but, instead, found that the hot desert air was great for his health. His Spanish mansion in the Grapevine Mts. still stands today and is a total anomaly to an otherwise deserted landscape.

Darwin Falls

If it was hard to convince your family to jump into your motorhome in LA and go to the desert, then a hike to Darwin Falls is a must. This one-mile hike starts like so many others in the desert, but the reward at the end looks like it belongs in the tropics. As you enter an oasis of green cottonwoods and willows, you will begin to feel the spray of 20-foot tall waterfalls – in the middle of the desert!


Just outside of the park in Nevada is Rhyolite, an abandoned town that tells the tale of a boom and bust economy. Back in 1904 gold was found in the nearby mountains, and by 1908 the population exceeded 10,000 people. Misrepresentations of values and amounts led to a major population decline by 1910 and, today, all that is left are the remnants of this eerie ghost town – the perfect place to take one of our Los Angeles rental motorhomes.

Keane Wonder Mill

For a less visited and spookier ghost town, leave your Los Angeles RV rental at the campsite and take your higher clearance vehicle up the dirt road to Keane Wonder Mill. This abandoned mine and associated infrastructure are sure to send chills up your spine. Death Valley National Park has much more to offer than most visitors realize. While the hikes and vistas in this desert landscape are spectacular, the culture and oases of Death Valley are amazing enough to win over the most skeptical of visitors. But don’t take our word for it! Choose one of our rental motorhomes in Los Angeles and cruise up to the Nevada border to see for yourself!


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