June 6, 2019 03:45 AM

  1. The renter MUST provide a written binder from their insurance company within 7 days of pick-up. This binder must indicate that renter and any other additional authorized drivers have at least the minimum legal liability requirements and full comp & collision coverage when using the motorhome being rented, for the full rental period. If renter has not provided binder by departure date, they MUST purchase full coverage insurance from MBA Insurance for a cost of $22.00 – $27.00 per day based on the RV’s value, Supplemental Liability Insurance for a cost of $9.95 per day, and assume the first $2500.00 financial responsibility for damage, regardless of fault.
  2. Liability Insurance: you are responsible for all damage or loss you cause to others. You may have provided us with an insurance binder indicating that you have vehicle liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the motorhome. Since you have auto liability insurance, we provide no liability insurance unless specifically purchased as an optional coverage.
  3. MBA Choice. If you did not provide us with an insurance binder but elected to purchase MBA Choice, the following changes apply to this agreement:
    1. “Damage” means any collision or comprehensive loss to, or of, the vehicle; collision or comprehensive losses do not include damage to the interior of the vehicle, or its appliances;
    2. Damage to the vehicle is covered by MBA Choice. The policy has a $2,500.00 deductible, per occurrence.
    3. Auto liability insurance is part of MBA Choice, and provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage with limits no higher than the minimum prescribed by the vehicular financial responsibility laws of the state where the damage or loss occurs. MBA Choice covers $2,000 PIP or medical payments, and statutory limits of uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage. Coverage applies in the USA and Canada. Coverage is void if you violate the terms of this agreement or if you fail to cooperate in any loss investigation conducted by us, or the insurer. Allowing an unauthorized driver to operate the vehicle terminates our liability insurance coverage.
  4. Renter will pay all damages regardless of fault, and understands that Expedition Motor Homes, Inc. is not an insurance company or agent. Renter assumes responsibility to file all claims with the insurance co. and seek any reimbursement from them.,


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