Loss of use


Loss of use

June 6, 2019 03:39 AM

Due to any of the causes listed below is fully the responsibility of the renter and will be charged to the renter.

  1. Return of the motorho me by the renter past or before the contracted return date and/or time
  2. Repairs from damage to the motor home that are the responsibility of the renter that cause Expedition to not have use of the motorhome
  3. Any other action by the renter that renders the motorhome unavailable for use. The rate charged will be our normal daily peak rental rate (complete day) for the period of lost use. Each day of lost use equals 4 hrs labor on the repair invoice/estimate. Renter authorizes Expedition to charge their credit card for these charges. Refer to paragraph C-2.
NOTICE: These Costs and Policies automatically constitute a portion of any and all Rental Contracts entered into by Expedition Motor Homes, Inc. and renter(s), and are binding on both parties. All other materials given the renter during the rental period are included as part of this contract. Signature warrants that renter accepts and understands all conditions herein.


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