Spice up Your California RV Rental Vacation with a Little Adrenalin


Spice up Your California RV Rental Vacation with a Little Adrenalin

July 10, 2016 03:02 AM

A Los Angeles RV rental road trip is perhaps one of the most relaxing vacations around. Freedom to choose your own adventure, delicious home cooked meals, relaxing in luxury while on the move, and the open road all contribute to one of the best vacations around. For some, however, this type of vacation may even be too relaxing. If you consider yourself one of those people, try seeking out some adrenalin while on the road. From surfing the coastline to hiking in the mountains, The Golden State has no shortage of options for the adventurous traveler. The below three suggestions, however, provide even more action for your California RV rental road trip. With the best RV rental prices around, Expedition Motorhomes is eager to help make your relaxing, or exciting, road trip dreams come true!

Put the Pedal to the Medal Before, or After, Your Los Angeles RV Road Trip

It’s no secret. Motorhomes are by no means the fastest vehicles on the road. If you have a need for speed, consider stopping by the Los Angeles Sports Car Driving Experience at Auto Club Speedway either before your trip or upon returning your RV at the end of your adventure. Just down the road in Fontana, CA, $250 will get you 2 ½ hours of pushing the car of your dreams to its limits. Choose between a variety of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porcshe, and Audi models to take on the track. Your personal instructor will teach you the basics and help you get your speedometer reading 110 – 130 mph (depending on the vehicle). For more information, visit: http://www.autoclubspeedway.com.

Tack on Some Rock Climbing to a National Parks Tour in Your California RV Rental

Many people who choose Expedition Motorhomes are excited about our RV rental prices as well as our knowledgeable staff that are excited to help folks build an itinerary. Given the proximity of Joshua Tree National Park to Los Angeles, we often find ourselves pointing people to the beautiful desert. If you, too, are interested in the magic of Joshua Tree, consider hiring a rock climbing guide for a day. Rock climbing and rappelling in the park provide new and exciting ways to experience the great outdoors while also visiting a national park and scratching that adrenaline itch. There are a variety of outfitters just outside the park in Joshua Tree, CA.

The Ultimate Adventure for those Heading North in a Los Angeles RV

If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you. If you are a serious adrenaline junkie and love seeing things from a different perspective, then maybe you should give it a shot! While there are many places to skydive in and around California, one of our favorites is actually based out of Reno, NV. If you were already planning on visiting the Sierra Nevada or Lake Tahoe, why not see it from a plane? If you’re in a plane, why not jump out with an expert and a parachute for an even crazier view. While not for everyone, skydiving above Lake Tahoe will be an exhilarating and beautiful experience you won’t soon forget! Check out http://www.skydivelaketahoe.com/ for more information. By nature, RV road trips are a fun and relaxing way to explore at your own leisurely pace – the R in RV does stand for recreation after all. Still, here at Expedition Motorhomes, we understand if you are looking to add a little excitement to your road trip. Thankfully California is full of options! The above three ideas will give you a taste, but if you are looking for something else just ask the experts at Expedition Motorhomes. With a huge selection of motorhomes and the most competitive RV rental prices around, we aim to please everyone from the adrenalin junkie to the casual beachcomber.


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