Take your California RV Rentals on a Whale Watching Road Trip


Take your California RV Rentals on a Whale Watching Road Trip

February 25, 2018 01:59 PM

From world famous beaches to rugged mountains and ancient old growth forests, California has it all. For someone planning a California motorhome rental road trip, this can be a bit overwhelming. At Expedition Motorhomes, we like to remind people to take their time, hone in on a few destinations, and not rush through something they are enjoying. The beauty of planning a trip with California RV rentals is that you can adjust your plans on the fly. If the ocean enamors you or your traveling partners, however, we would recommend putting in some time to whale watch. California has nearly 850 miles of coastline, and much of it provides perfect opportunities to park your California motorhome rental and look for whales.

Whale Watching in Southern California

If your California RV rentals road trip itinerary has you heading to the sunny south end of the state, consider taking a day to look for whales on the waters off San Diego. From December to March, more than 25,000 gray whales move into the area from Alaska enroot to Baja, California. While January is the peak-viewing season, you can lay eyes on these magnificent creatures throughout the winter and spring months. If you don’t get to spot a whale, you will still enjoy the beautiful beaches, fine dining, and laid back vibe of San Diego and the surrounding community. Not too bad for a consolation prize!

Whale Watching on the Central Coast

Central California is a worthy California motorhome rental destination on its own, but if you can tack on some whale viewing as well then this could very well be your trip of a lifetime. The area around Monterey Bay is a whale watching hotspot, as gray whales, orcas, and dolphins can often be seen on migration from December to April and humpback and blue whales join the mix from April to December. Like San Diego, the surrounding area also provides plenty of opportunities to explore. The beaches, mountains, and old growth forests of Central California are certainly worth a visit.

Whale Watching in San Francisco and North

If your California RV rentals road trip plans are a bit more ambitious and have you heading to the northern reaches of the state you, too, can look for whales off the coast. Take some time off of the road to book a wildlife-viewing cruise to look for more gray whales and humpback whales on migration in the waters off the Northern Californian coast! No matter where your California motorhome rental road trip takes you, you can make time to look for some of our planet’s most magnificent creatures. Book a rental with  Expedition Motorhomes today, then start looking at reservations for whale watching cruises that align with your itinerary. If you plan on spending time on our beautiful coast, we guarantee a day on the water will be one well spent! Visit the links below for more information! https://www.tripsavvy.com/california-whale- watching-1476454 http://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/nature- travel/where-to- go-whale- watching-california


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