The Perfect Hot Springs Escapes for your California Motorhome Rentals


The Perfect Hot Springs Escapes for your California Motorhome Rentals

January 6, 2016 10:41 AM

The holidays have come and gone, but the cold winter weather is just starting to reach its peak in many parts of the country. Why suffer through below freezing temperatures and bone chilling breezes when you can reserve Los Angeles RV rentals from Expedition Motorhomes, head to Southern California, and soak in some of the country’s finest hot springs? There is no shortage of soothing hot springs to explore and, in the dead of winter, a Los Angeles class A motorhomes road trip to these relaxing oases will prove to be the perfect escape for the whole family. If you are looking for  suggestions, consider the following 5 options all less than four hours from Los Angeles.

4 Soaking Pools and the Perfect Place to Park your Los Angeles RV Rentals

Delight’s Hot Springs is the furthest hot springs retreat on our list, clocking in at around four hours from Los Angeles and nestled on the southeastern border of Death Valley National Park. The infrastructure of this storied natural hot springs escape was built in the mid 20th Century and boasts a vintage flavor that is sure to delight. Located just off of Highway 127, Delight’s Hot Springs has plenty of RV camping available as well as four pools to help you soak away the stress from the holiday season.

Drive your California Motorhome Rentals to the Salton Sea and Soak at Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa

Just a three hour drive Southeast of Los Angeles is the Salton Sea and the famed Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa. Similar to Delight’s, this getaway offers onsite RV camping to allow for maximum relaxation on your Los Angeles Class A motorhomes vacation. With six mineral baths and a handful of heated pools, Bashford’s provides an idyllic desert retreat not far from the Expedition Motorhomes’ backyard.

Leave your Los Angeles RV Rentals Behind for a Rustic Bathe in Deep Ceeek

Hidden on the far side of the San Bernardino National Forest from Los Angeles are Deep Creek and its famed hot springs. While there is plenty of places to camp with your California motorhome rentals around nearby Hesperia, CA, the real allure of the Deep Creek hot springs is their remoteness and accompanying freedom. You must be willing to hike six miles to get back to the small canyon and hot springs, but the peace and quietude of this special place is certainly a worthwhile reward.

A Santa Barbara Hot Springs Tour in your Los Angeles Class A Motorhomes

On the coast just north of Los Angeles is the magical community of Santa Barbara and, in its surrounding foothills and mountains, is an array of local hot springs. Big Caliente Hot Spring is in the mountains just inland from Santa Barbara – about three and a half hours from LA. These springs are filtered into a cement pool and provide a comfortable and easily accessed place to relax. Further up the coast from Santa Barbara is Gaviota State Park Hot Spring and offers a less developed option for those visiting the area. The canyon and vegetation surrounding the springs are breathtaking and the 3/4-mile hike is a small price to pay for the reward at the end. Now that the holidays are over and you can finally relax, it is time to treat yourself. With cold snowy weather sweeping the nation there is no better place to escape than in a Southern California hot spring. While we highly recommend the above for great adventures near the Expedition Motorhomes headquarters in Los Angeles, there is also something to be said about picking up an atlas and finding your own secret spots as well. Whatever you choose, a hot springs road trip this winter will prove to be just what the doctor ordered.


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