Use your Los Angeles Pop Up Trailer Rentals to get into the Holiday Spirit


Use your Los Angeles Pop Up Trailer Rentals to get into the Holiday Spirit

November 17, 2016 01:05 PM

Each year, it seems like the holidays creep up on us sooner and sooner.  This year, before Halloween costumes were even put away in the stores, Christmas decorations started making their annual appearance.  While that is too early for many, Thanksgiving is just around the corner meaning that the holiday season will soon be in full swing!  If you are planning to explore California with Los Angeles motorhomes rentals this December, let Expedition Motorhomes help!  This season is the perfect time to escape the cold for a road trip on the Pacific Coast.  To get into the holiday spirit, check out these holiday celebrations in Southern California when picking up or dropping off your Los Angeles pop up trailer rentals.

Celebrate the Holidays on the Pacific with your Los Angeles Motorhomes Rentals

One of our favorite annual South California celebrations takes place just an hour and a half south of Expedition Motorhomes in Newport Beach, CA.  From December 14th – 18th this year, head down the coast to witness the 108th Annual Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights.  Comfortably park your Los Angeles pop up trailer rentals and head to the shores of the Pacific to marvel at the decorated watercraft parade.  Everything from kayaks to yachts will take to the water in celebration of the coming holiday, and it truly is a spectacle worth the trip!

Christmas and the L.A. Zoo’s 50th Anniversary!

Each year, the L.A. Zoo puts on an elaborate and electrifying Christmas light display, so much so that it has been recognized in USA Today’s 2015 “10 Best Zoo Lights” rankings.  This year is likely to be the best yet, as the holidays will also kick off the institution’s 50th Anniversary year.  Wide eyed visitors can expect thousands of holiday lights, special events, colorful, 3D projections, and a slew of other surprises during this seven week long celebration!

Take Your Los Angeles Motorhomes Rentals to the Ultimate Holiday Destination

We would be remiss to not include this one on our shortlist of must-see destinations in the Los Angeles area this holiday season.  Quite frankly, nobody does Christmas bigger than Disneyland, and this large slice of Americana makes for the perfect stop for the entire family.  Complete with extravagant lights, parades, firework displays and, of course, Mickey and the gang there really is no more magical spot to get you in the Christmas spirit than The Happiest Place on Earth.   And, located just down the road from Expedition Motorhomes, it is easy to include at least a day or two at Disney on your California holiday road trip itinerary. Whether you think Halloween is way too early to start thinking about Christmas or you never take your home decorations down, there is no denying it now – the holiday season is officially right around the corner.  If you are hoping for one final adventure in 2016 while also engaging in some holiday celebrations, look no further than Expedition Motorhomes.  Our experts will set you up with your ideal Los Angeles motorhomes rentals and point you in the direction of some great local and road trip worthy California holiday destinations.  


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