5 tips for travelling with kids


5 tips for travelling with kids

February 1, 2023 11:00 AM

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Camping with kids is arguably some of the most fun you can have in Los Angeles RV rentals, and the team at Expedition Motorhomes – a local leader in California RV rentals – is here for it. While traveling with kids will take a little more preparation, the reward is well worth it. For those wondering how to RV camp with kids in California RV rentals, below are five tips for traveling with kids. While not a definitive list, it will help you start planning for your upcoming California RV trip.

Comfort is Key

RV travel with kids is all about comfort, and one of the easiest ways to ensure this is by packing travel pillows and blankets for your little ones. Napping can be a great way to pass the time between destinations and also ensures some peace and quiet for the driver. If you can keep your kiddos comfortable, they will arrive at that night’s campground rested and ready for adventures – which is exactly what you want when camping with kids.

Bring Plenty of Games

RV travel with kids is all about quality time, and what better way to spend time together than playing games as a family? Board games are great for both the campground and travel days and electronic games – if managed well – are often an easy way to help little ones pass the time during long days on the road.

Snacks and Drinks

For those who struggle with how to camp with kids, many forget that food is love. It can be easy to keep kids happy if you create a pantry and refrigerator full of some of their favorite snacks and drinks. These can be used as treats, motivation, or to add magic to an already exciting California RV camping expedition.

Build in Some Fun Pitstops

California is full of roadside attractions and points of interest, no matter which direction your Los Angeles RV camping trip takes you. A quick and easy way to add some fun and frivolity to your road trip – and especially on long driving days – is to identify some stops along the way to stretch your legs, excite your kids, and keep the adventure alive!

Be Prepared for the Worst

While it is rare for major emergencies to arise when camping with kids, it is not totally out of the question. As such, the more prepared you are for such instances, the better! Bring a hefty first aid kit, know where the nearest hospitals are to your campgrounds, and ensure that your entire family leaves home healthy and happy. Accidents and emergencies don’t happen often, but when they do, the families that are the most prepared always have the best outcomes.

Traveling with kids is one of the greatest joys, and while it may take a little bit of extra effort and preparation, it is always worth it. Here at Expedition Motorhomes, we are always happy to be a part of the process, whether that is answering questions about how to travel with kids or providing you with the best fleet of California RV rentals available. Give us a call and start planning your California RV trip and adventure today!


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