5 Apps That Will Make Your RV Experience Better


5 Apps That Will Make Your RV Experience Better

August 12, 2022 03:00 PM

Traveling in a California motorhome has always been a relatively easy and highly enjoyable way to see the world, and the advent of technology has only made it better. There are virtually countless RV road trip apps available to you at the literal click of a button, and as the best Los Angeles RV rental leader, the experts at Expedition Motorhomes have our own list of favorites. The sheer amount of choices for RV road trip apps is perhaps a bit overwhelming, but below are 5 apps to make your RV experience that much smoother.


AccuWeather has been around for a while, and it remains one of the most trustworthy weather forecasting apps out there. When you pull off the lot in your California RV rental, you will want to have a plan and some backup plans in place. The usability and reliability of AccuWeather make it a must-have for planning your California motorhome road trip and also for pivoting plans when the weather dictates.

National Park Service App

Many California motorhome road trip itineraries include a stop at at least one of our many national parks, and the new National Park Service app has proven to be the perfect companion. The app has information on over 420 parks including interactive maps, live updates, tour ideas, restroom locations, food, etc. This app has it all and, even better, it operates offline – a necessity in many of the more remote and beautiful corners of the national park system.

Boondockers Welcome

For those traveling on a budget in their California RV rental, Boondockers Welcome is the perfect app for you. Instead of paying steep campground fees everywhere you go, this app showcases RV hosts that allow travelers to park on their property for free. Through the app, you can meet and message hosts, submit requests, and build an itinerary that will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Many RV travelers these days are using motorhomes as mobile offices and working from the road. Speedcheck is an app that checks your internet speed, connection, and performance while on the road. If connectivity is critical for your upcoming trip, this app will help you maximize your connection. It also offers a map of open Wi-Fi connections close to you as you travel through The Golden State.


Allstays is a great catchall app for campgrounds and RV parks, allowing users to explore options, compare deals, and easily seek the lowest price options available. Complete with a rating system and reviews, information on truck stops, dump stations, and more. Allstays is an incredible resource that is sure to make your next road trip experience that much smoother.

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There are countless RV road trip apps on the market, all aimed at making the RV road trip experience that much easier and more enjoyable. The above five are the favorites of our experts at Expedition Motorhomes, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Give us a call for even more recommendations or to reserve your California motorhome today!


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