Are You Ready to Plan the Best RV Trip?


Are You Ready to Plan the Best RV Trip?

July 13, 2021 01:41 PM

Are you ready, or getting ready, for your summer RV trip? Whether you want a National Park experience, or something a bit more rustic, California has some amazing camping spots. Plan your trip and get a California RV rental from Expedition Motorhomes.

There’s a lot to see in this massive state, from the high Sierras to its beautiful coastline, and all the cities in-between. Whatever your idea of outdoor fun is, this has it. With all of these locations sprawling over this expansive state, there are plenty of RV camps and campgrounds to choose from, but reserve both your RV and your campsite early, they fill up fast.

Are You Summer-Ready?

Summer is ready for you. So, it’s time to take a break from cold winter weather and time for the excitement of a warm outdoor adventure. Whether you choose the beach, the redwood forests, or the high Sierras, sunny summertime is the time to go.

There’s a Lot to Choose from in California

This land was made for you and me. Here are seven examples:

  1. The Redwood National Parks: This is not just one of the great National Parks in California, it is one of the great wonders of the world. This Park has some of the tallest and most massive trees in the world. Go for a hike and discover how beauty doesn’t get more majestic.
  2. Big Sur: This is where the forest meets the surf. This is also where deep green meets aqua blue, and also meets sandy golden tan. Big Sur is roughly 90 miles of the best scenery of the Pacific Coast Highway. Enjoy fishing, hiking, or zip-lining, among forests, waterfalls, and picturesque bridges.
  3. Leo Carrillo State Park: Leo Carrillo has been a Southern California destination beach for decades. The campgrounds are well maintained, the amenities are of the highest quality, and the toilets and showers are always clean.
  4. Red Rock Canyon State Park: Hiking and mountain biking doesn’t get any better. This is a park with thousands of trails. This beauty is “other-worldly” (maybe Mars). Red Rock Canyon State Park is known for rock structures that have to be seen to be believed. Discover the beauty of nature on a trail.
  5. Malibu Beach RV Park: Looking for the ideal beach? You found it here. White sand stretching for miles, palm trees, you know, “Surfin USA.” This isn’t roughing it, it’s the California scene. You can park your RV rental about as close to the beach as you can get, without being on the beach.
  6. Crystal Cove: On the coast of Southern California is Crystal Cove. The water is super clear and there are secluded beaches separated by cliffs. The weather and the water are warmer during the summer. This Park is super RV friendly and has all the hookups you’ll need and dumping sites nearby.
  7. Yosemite: Well, there are few nature-loving adventurers that don’t have a great Yosemite memory. Yosemite National Park, the inspiration for Teddy Roosevelt to sign into existence 5 National Parks, was also an inspiration for the famous naturalist John Muir, and the subject matter for Ansel Adams photography. You haven’t seen spectacular until you’ve stared up at El Capitan and Half Dome.

So that ought to get you started, but there is plenty more out there in California. This is a big state, so it all depends on how far you want to go to getaway.

The Summer Starts with Expedition Motorhomes

If you’re looking for California motor home rentals, look to Expedition Motorhome. These RVs will be your home away from home, whether you get an RV from the Los Angeles motor homes rental, Calabasas RV, or Santa Clarita RV rental, and whether it is a motorhome, camper, or travel trailer, or whether you’re renting or purchasing, Expedition Motorhomes really shines, not just with all the models to choose from but our passionate personnel. We live the motorhome lifestyle and love it. For any questions about our rentals, call us today!


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