Awesome Camping Hacks


Awesome Camping Hacks

July 21, 2020 10:32 AM

Awesome Camping Hacks

At its foundation, quality camping experiences are made by having a completely dialed set of systems. Experienced campers will have the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable ways to set up camp, cook, or simply navigate living out of a confined space for days to months at a time. RV camping is no different! While your Los Angeles tent trailers rental will have many of the same comforts of home, most LA motorhomes will be considerably downsized compared to what you are used to. Living out of a compact, systems driven home on the road can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable time, and the more experience you have the more impressive your camping hacks will be. Plan on starting small with easy life improvement hacks and, as you get more comfortable living out of your Expedition Motorhomes rental, you can begin to think bigger picture. What follows are five of our favorite camping hacks to make your RV road trip that much more enjoyable.

Build a Portable First Aid Kit

While you should plan on having a pretty hearty, catchall first aid kit in your Los Angeles Tent Trailers Rental, consider building a portable one for when you go on adventures and leave your RV behind. By using an old Altoids tin or prescription bottle, you can back the basics into a container small enough to slide into your pocket. Pack your portable kit with bandaids, wound cleaning materials, tweezers, a lighter, or anything else you deem most important.

Repurpose Small Containers for Spices

Along the same vein as the portable first aid kit, build a consolidated spice kit for your home on the road. One of the challenges (and rewards!) of living out of LA motorhomes is figuring out how to save space and work efficiently. Instead of bringing all of your cooking spices along, pack each down into a Tic Tac container, 7 day pill holder, or old film canister. This will both help keep you organized and save space on the road!

Build a Temporary Lantern

If you don’t already own a headlamp, buy one! Headlamps are great versatile camping tools that allow you to be hands free at night. If you want to light up more of the room than just what is in front of your face, however, you need to think outside of the box. To create a quick and easy temporary lantern, shine your lamp through a milk jug or upside-down bottle of water. Just like that, you can light up a room!

Prepare Homemade Fire Starters

One of the most frustrating things while camping is not being able to get the fire started. To avoid this, prepare some fire starters at home before you take to the open road. There are countless different styles and suggestions online. One of our favorites is simple. Stuff dryer lint into a discarded toilet paper tube and drizzle with a little bit of alcohol based hand sanitizer. Something as simple as this can save you a lot of time and effort when you’re just trying to relax around a roaring campfire at the end of the day.

Prepackage S’mores

While we’re on the topic of fires, save yourself some hassle by prepackaging your s’mores kit. You simply can’t have a campfire without s’mores, and if you are discouraged by the mess and cleanup associated with them it’s actually quite easy to avoid. Pack marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers in one consolidated Tupperware container. Not only will this make passing ingredients around the fire much easier (and safer!), but your micro trash clean-up at the end of the night will become nonexistent!


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