Celebrate the 4th of July in LA with your California Motorhome Rentals


Celebrate the 4th of July in LA with your California Motorhome Rentals

July 1, 2022 09:00 AM

There is no shortage of holidays to celebrate in the summertime, but without question, July 4th is the most popular. Independence Day is coming up quickly, and if you are thinking of renting an RV in California to celebrate now is the time! As the leading provider of motorhome rentals in Orange County, Expedition Motorhomes is here to make your July 4th  vacation dreams come true. 

This year, come visit us in Los Angeles and explore our options for California motorhome rentals. Once your vehicle is secured, prepare to take part in some of the greatest Independence Day celebrations Southern California has to offer. Events have started to ramp back up since the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and below are some of our July 4th favourites for this summer in your California motorhome rentals.

4th of July Block Party

LA’s 4th of July Block Party at Grand Park is arguably the best Independence Day tradition in Southern California. With three stages of live music, ample food trucks, and downtown fireworks there is little more you could want out of a Fourth of July celebration. Depending on the schedule of your Orange County motorhome rental road trip, pencil in this Grand Park celebration on the front or back end of your vacation if you can!

July 4th at Huntington Beach

The Huntington Beach Pier also boasts an excellent Independence Day celebration – including a 5k race, a parade, a festival on the pier itself with music, food, and activities for the entire family, and an exquisite fireworks display after the sun goes down. If you are on the road in your California motorhome rentals, stop by Huntington Beach for the night of the 4th and make the most of the quintessential summertime holiday.

Big Bay Fireworks in San Diego

If your adventure takes you south after renting an RV, do yourself a favor and plant yourself in San Diego over the July 4th holiday. The Big Bay Fireworks are one of the largest celebrations in California with entertainment all day leading up to one of the state’s best fireworks displays at night. San Diego is a worthy destination in its own right, and being there over July 4th is extra special!

When visiting Southern California this 4th of July, take a day or two to enjoy the celebrations in Southern California before hitting the road to parts unknown. With so many incredible options, you can easily find the perfect celebration for your schedule and travelling party. You can trust the experts here at Expedition Motorhomes not only to help you pick out the perfect vehicle for your needs but to suggest how to make the most of what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable Independence Day.


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