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Motor Home Rental Management Consignment Agreement

This constitutes a consignment agreement between Expedition Motor Homes, Inc. (agent), a corporation, and _________________________________________ (owner), an individual(s). This agreement is entered into by both parties above for the purpose of renting for profit motor home(s) owned by the owner to private parties for recreational use purposes. Owner hereby warrants that they are the legal registered owner(s) of the motor home described in para. 3. Agent and owner agree to abide by the following terms of this agreement:
  1. Owner agrees to provide agent motor home(s) to enable agent to rent owner’s motor home(s) to private parties for recreational use.
  2. Owner agrees to allow agent to determine rental rates, terms and conditions at agent’s sole discretion.
  3. The motor home(s) provided by the owner are described as follows: Make: ________________________  Model: _______________________ Length: _______________________ Year Model: ___________________ Beginning Odometer: ____________  License Number: ________________ VIN: ______________________________________________________ Other information: (including general description) __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
  4. In consideration for providing the motor home(s) for rental, the agent agrees to pay the owner, as commissions, 50 % of rental fees, 50 % of excess mileage charges, and 50 % of generator use charges received by the agent from rentalsclosed out the previous month. Agent agrees to pay investor no later than the 20th of the month following the end of the month. Agent will provide full rental reports with monthly commissions.
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