How to Clean and Maintain Your RV’s Exterior


How to Clean and Maintain Your RV’s Exterior

December 14, 2020 08:45 AM

How to Clean and Maintain your RVs Exterior

At Expedition Motorhomes we pride ourselves on being the premier provider of California motor home rentals. That title, of course, requires more than simply affordable RV rental prices and an impressive fleet of Los Angeles motorhome rentals on our lot. To truly be the best provider of RV rentals in Calabasas, our passionate team at Expedition Motorhomes works tirelessly to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. From helping build and recommend itineraries and destinations to matching clients with the perfect Los Angeles motor home for their road trip, we love nothing more than helping build dream vacations for our renters. We truly leave no rock left unturned, including impeccable maintenance to our Los Angeles motorhome rental fleet. If you are curious about our RV exterior maintenance technique, or perhaps you have a motorhome of your own and are looking for some tips, what follows is a quick guide to cleaning and maintaining an RV’s exterior.

Why is Exterior Maintenance Important?

Cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your motorhome is critical to extending its lifespan and catching any small problems before they turn into major issues. Simply put, a well-kept motorhome – like any other vehicle – will last much longer. Additionally, by conducting routine cleaning and maintenance you are more likely to catch issues like chips, cracks, rust spots, or leaks before they potentially transform into catastrophic problems down the line.

Helpful Tools

To truly maximize efficiency when cleaning our Calabasas RV rental fleet, our team at Expedition Motorhomes has a reliable garage full of tools to get the job done. Pressure washers are invaluable as are extending brushes to clean the hard to reach spots on these large vehicles. Non-abrasive cleaning solutions and microfiber towels allow us to detail the exteriors without causing any damage or minute scratches.

Cleaning Tips

With decades of experience cleaning our California motorhome rentals, the pros at Expedition Motorhomes have developed a foolproof system as well as a handful of helping tricks of the trade.

Firstly, to ensure the best final results, we try to clean the exterior of each Los Angeles motor home in a garage or in the shade. This prevents streakiness and an uneven finished product.

When cleaning the entire exterior of a Los Angeles motorhome rental, we always work from the top down. Generally, that means taking a power washer onto the roof to rinse off any built-up dirt and grime. Before you spray it down, make sure all windows and vents are closed. After spraying it down, a soft-bristled brush will allow you to detail it without causing any damage.

Cleaning the sidewalls of an RV is very similar to cleaning the roof. Spraying it with a power washer is a great start, and finishing with a microfiber cloth or fine bristled brush and nonabrasive cleaning solution will leave it looking brand new. Again, work from the top down to avoid streaking.

Exterior maintenance of an RV is only the tip of the iceberg and, if this sounds like a lot of work, maybe you are better off using California motor home rentals for your RV vacations. The passionate staff at Expedition Motorhomes takes immaculate care of our Los Angeles motor home fleet, which allows our clients to worry exclusively about making the most of their vacation. Whether you are planning a road trip this winter or are looking forward to next spring or summer season, give Expedition Motorhomes a call today. We’re always eager to get more folks on the road!


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