How to do Laundry in an RV?


How to do Laundry in an RV?

May 23, 2022 09:20 AM

When renting an RV in California and embarking on an RV road trip, the most common advice you hear is, “pack lightly.” While this might be a piece of great advice, it comes with some challenges. If you are taking a longer road trip like a cross country trip and you are only taking a pair of jeans and a couple of shirts, this means that you will eventually run out of clean clothes. So, the question arises, "how do you do laundry while on an RV?"

Here are 4 RV laundry solutions:

1. Wash by hand

Washing by hand is the most cost-effective way to do laundry in an RV. All you really need is a water vessel, detergent, and strong hands. To dry, simply hang your clothes on a portable clothesline and let the sun and wind do their thing. Want to take the “hand” out of “hand washing?” First, soak your soiled items in a bin with water and detergent. Next, set them aside in your RV’s shower before driving. As you drive, the motion and the detergent in your wash and do the washing for you. Putting the bin in the shower prevents any spillage. Finally, hang your garments up to dry upon your arrival. Voilà! This is our spin on a “wash bin” – also a good option for doing RV laundry. A wash bin is a bin with a spinner inside for scrubbing. There are manual spinners to crank by hand and electric spinners for a hands-free option. Think of a wash bin like a salad spinner but for washing clothes.

2. Go to laundromats on the way

Laundromats are in small towns and should be easy enough to find along the way to your destination. Drop-off and pick-up laundry services make stopping into a laundromat a luxury. Drop off your dirty bits and have them returned cleaned, pressed, and ready to go. While that’s being done, focus on what you set out to do in your RV, see the world!

3. Look for laundry facilities in your campground

Alternative to laundromats, campgrounds in California or around the United States may have laundry facilities. These usually have no cost or cost next to nothing. You can also check for laundry facilities at a truck stop when you’re gassing up. Many have laundry on-site for overnight truckers but aren’t too fussed about who uses them.

4. If you have the budget, rent an RV with a washer and dryer

This is the most expensive option, but it is the most convenient, time-efficient, and easy. You could also purchase a washer and dryer separately, but it doesn’t come with the same ease. With a separate purchase, you would need to hook up your RV to a water and electricity source every time you wanted to do a wash. Whether your RV comes with a washer and dryer, or you invest in a set, the appliances will be small so your loads will be too. The washer/dryer is better suited to those who prefer “glamping” to camping.

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