How to Plan and Split Costs for a Group Road Trip


How to Plan and Split Costs for a Group Road Trip

July 21, 2023 10:28 AM

If you are traveling in a large group, there are few more efficient, cost-effective, and enjoyable ways to do so than in a California RV rental. The California RV road trip is not only a great way to experience our beautiful state, but it also provides an excellent way to get all of the people you care about from destination to destination in a fun and affordable way.

At Expedition Motorhomes, we love helping families or groups of friends come together for shared experiences on the road and with decades of experience, we know all of the tips and tricks to make these adventures run as smoothly as possible. Here are a few tips to optimize your budget and split cost accordingly.

Choosing the Right Motorhome Size and Style

Expedition Motorhomes boasts a wide selection of RVs and motorhomes, all at affordable prices. Choosing the right California RV rental for your specific situation has never been easier. The biggest thing to consider is how many people will be traveling in your motorhome. Everyone will need to be seated safely and comfortably on the road, and this is one thing that is not okay to compromise. Beyond safety on the road, you need to consider sleeping arrangements in your RV and if everyone will need a bed. Many campgrounds will allow you to pitch a tent by your RV, which can be a great way to save space, minimize the size of the California motor home rental, and offer an added element of fun for any kids traveling with you. Beyond sleeping arrangements, you should also consider the kitchen space and how many people you will be cooking for.

Cost Sharing

If you are traveling with multiple families or a big group of friends, it is important to consider how to best share costs amongst all of your traveling companions during your California RV road trip. It can be easy just to take turns paying for shared items (gas, food, etc.) or, if you want to keep things even more even, utilize Splitwise and have the app do all of the cost-sharing arithmetic for you.

Staying Budget Friendly

If you are planning a budget-friendly California RV road trip, there are a handful of strategies that are easy to employ. For one, take full advantage of the kitchen in your California RV rental and cook or prepare as many meals as possible. There is no need to eat out if you grocery shop, utilize farmer’s markets, and cook food each day. When it comes to overnight stays, there are countless camping options available. More expensive campgrounds will offer all types of amenities that you may not need. On the flip side, remote places in national forests and other beautiful areas may not charge a fee at all. If you are okay leaning into the “camping” side of your California motor home rental road trip, this can be a great way to save a few bucks.

Motorhome travel can be one of the most fun and affordable ways to experience California, and no one does it better than the experts at Expedition Motorhomes! Give us a call with any questions or to reserve your motorhome today!


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