How to Keep Your Food Fresh in Your RV Rental


How to Keep Your Food Fresh in Your RV Rental

September 3, 2019 12:12 PM

If you are taking a California RV Rental, you might be wondering how to best keep your food fresh while on the road for an extended motorhome vacation. No matter the length of your trip, keeping your food fresh is essential to staying healthy and saving money on the road.  One of the biggest perks of travelling in an RV is having your own kitchen and space to prepare food, and it takes some practice to perfect the art of cooking out of an RV.   When done well, however, cooking in an RV allows you to maximize family time and also save money by avoiding restaurants.  Below are three tips to help keep your food fresh in your mobile kitchen. 

Use Proper Food Storage Containers

While useful back home, food storage containers are even more important in an RV.  The kitchen space in your rental RV will likely be much smaller and more compact than what you are used to, but you can maximize that space by utilizing efficient food storage containers.  For dry foods in the cupboard or produce in the fridge, tight-sealing containers will prolong the life of your food and also save precious room in otherwise tight quarters. 

Prepare Some Meals Ahead of Time

A great way to preemptively keep your food fresh is to prepare meals ahead of time.  Prepare meals after you go grocery shopping by organizing ingredients and setting them aside until they are ready to be cooked.  This will allow for quick preparation and help you keep a smaller kitchen organized.  Further, your food will stay fresh as you can keep tabs on what ingredients need to be used when so more vulnerable items don’t go rancid or rotten.  Though preparing your meals ahead of time takes some practice, it can save you a lot of time, money, and space, in the long run, allowing for you to maximize time spent relaxing with your friends and family. 

Consciously Plan your Grocery Runs

The idea of a road trip is that you are always on the move, and depending on your itinerary, grocery stores may not always be readily available.  As such, you do not have the freedom that you do at home to run down a few blocks and grab a tomato if you need one.  Instead, you need to have a heightened sense of awareness of what is in your RV’s kitchen.  To ensure fresh food, don’t be afraid to stop semi-regularly at grocery stores.  As your cupboard and refrigerator space is limited, sometimes it is better to buy smaller quantities more often rather than buying larger amounts and risking some of your food spoiling. 

You can also check our recommended RV-friendly grocery list for inspiration!

Being able to cook while travelling is a significant perk of the RV rental road trip, but doing so with fresh food is a bit of a learning curve.  While there are some suggestions above, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  As you work with our experts at Expedition Motorhomes to rent the RV of your dreams, feel free to ask for more cooking and food freshness tips to help you make the most of your upcoming motorhome road trip. 


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