RVing with Kids


RVing with Kids

June 21, 2019 04:45 PM

Travel with kids, in general, is a highly memorable experience, but there are few family vacations you can take that are more rewarding or unforgettable than RVing with kids.  Motorhome travel is the perfect combination of comfort and adventure and allows both children and adults to maximize fun without compromising relaxation and rest time.  Of course, travel with kids also comes with its unique set of challenges.  At Expedition Motorhomes we have found that RVing with kids, provides a great means to mediate some of the stressors that can accompany other forms of family travel provided you approach it from the right angle.  Continue reading for a few tips that will help make your motorhome travel with kids the best family vacation you’ve ever had!

Make an Itinerary and Share It!

Before you even set foot in an RV with your family, you may consider drawing out an itinerary and sharing it with your kids.  Highlight some of the stops that are going to be most exciting, what you may see on the road, and what grand adventures or destinations they can look forward to.  This will help your kids conceptualize the trip and give them a framework for how their vacation may unfold.  While building excitement before the trip begins is good, this is something that can also be shared throughout so that you don’t get bombarded with the classic “Are we there yet?” questions from the backseat!

Fun on the Road

One of the most critical aspects to a successful family road trip is cracking the code of how to keep your kids entertained and engaged while on the road.  Some days will require more hours in the RV than others, and it is essential to have a toolbox full of games, movies, and ideas at the ready to keep the little ones in good spirits.  Every child is different, of course, but we have found that having a good selection of ready prepared activities can help make days on the pavement fly by.  Thankfully, the ability to move around, change positions, and get comfortable in an RV does wonders in keeping things fresh.  The road trip has come a long way since the days of the minivan! 

Family Campgrounds and Destinations

At the end of a long day on the road, your kids are going to want to blow off some steam and choosing fun and exciting destinations to spend the night will be invaluable.  This is something you can incorporate into your initial itinerary or adjust as you go, but a fun family campground with a swimming pool, playground, or beautiful natural location will win your kids back over if you started to lose them after a big day behind the wheel.  It is also good to remember that just because you are in a motorhome does not mean that you need to constantly be on the move.  Consider setting up camp for a few days in a particularly nice place so that you and your kids can relax, adventure, and enjoy each other’s company in comfort.  After all, that’s what RV road trips are all about!

Get your Kid’s Input

Lastly, you should regularly check in with your kiddos to see not only how they are doing but what they want to be doing.  Ideally, this starts a bit in the itinerary planning stage and continues throughout your vacation.  By giving your children a sense of ownership over your shared adventure as well as places or activities that they have chosen and can look forward to throughout the trip, you will build a greater comradery over the course of your road trip.  One of the best things about an RV road trip is its fluidity, in that you can change your plans at the drop of the hat to better accommodate your family’s needs. 

While it may seem like a lot, you will quickly find out that RVing with kids will be some of the most fun you can have as a parent.  Each year Expedition Motorhomes rent out countless RVs to families and, without fail, the beaming smiles we receive when they are returned are some of the biggest we see from any of our customers.  Work with your kids today and start building that dream itinerary; our staff at Expedition Motorhomes is always eager to hand you the keys and help get another unforgettable family road trip underway. 


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