Social Distancing Travel Options


Social Distancing Travel Options

June 4, 2020 11:46 AM

Be safe and take a vacation. If you’re quarantined with your family, stay quarantined. An RV is the best option for staying safe while you travel. Distancing doesn’t mean you can’t relax.

Always keep safety in mind. Also, keep in mind that an RV is probably the safest way to go. It might still be best to keep it local and stay closer to your immediate area. You might also limit being in the proximity of those outside members of your household.

If you think about it, what better way to get away without exposing yourself, your loved ones, and others, than to be self-sustained with your household in an RV?

RVing is the Safe Option

You don’t have to stay at home to maintain your distance. RVing is the perfect way to get outside and experience the great outdoors and keep everyone safe. Plan to continue following the proper guidelines, such as frequent handwashing, keeping your hands away from your face, or wiping down any surfaces you come into contact with.

RVing may be the best way to get out of the house while avoiding crowds.

Keep it Short and Keep it Local

Seize the weekend. While you’re at it, add an extra day. A short trip can work wonders for stress relief. Head out to places that don’t attract crowds and lines of people. You can point it in any direction you like. Depending on where you live, you may not even have to travel far to find a favourite spot.

The Perfect Medicine for Cabin Fever

There is nothing like a road trip for relieving that cooped-up feeling. If you need a change of scenery, there is no better way than you and your housemates piling into an RV and hitting the road. You’ll be self-contained, you’ll have everything you need inside, and a roaring campfire just outside your door. Getting outside has some real health benefits, so there is no need to isolate in place when you can isolate in another place, with all the comforts of home.

Expedition Motorhomes, A Great Deal for 15 Years

Our selection is wide and complete. We have every option available for you. We provide RV’s, motor homes, and travel trailers in areas like Southern California, Orange County, Riverside, and San Diego counties.

We have the best prices. We know that traveling can get expensive. So, we offer the most competitive prices in the California market. What is a family vacation that you’ll remember for a lifetime worth to you? Whatever it is worth, we still stay sensitive to a decision that is as big as this.

A great way to see what sort of RV you want to purchase is to rent one first! Watch how your family functions with the one you’re renting before making a purchase decision.

Increase Your Options at Home

Think about adding external living quarters to your home. If someone in your household does fall ill, you couldn’t have a better solution for isolating them from the rest of your household than a self-contained living-quarters.


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