Top 10 pros and cons of trailers vs RV


Top 10 pros and cons of trailers vs RV

February 15, 2023 09:23 AM

Trailer vs RV: Ten Pros and Cons

When it comes to California RV camping, every traveler will have their own preference regarding renting a trailer or RV. Both trailer camping and RV camping are immeasurably fun, and Expedition Motorhomes has an impressive fleet of Los Angeles RV rentals and trailer rentals to choose from. In short, RVs are vehicles driven from the same compartment as the living space. Trailers, however, are most often towed behind another vehicle. Each camper style has its own set of benefits, and we are here to outline ten of the biggest differences to consider.


Generally, California RV rentals and motorhomes get less mileage/gallon than their trailer counterparts. That said, towing behind trailer camping will also negatively impact the mileage you are used to in the vehicle towing your trailer.


Which is cheaper, a trailer or an RV? On the surface, the price tag is definitely one of the many trailer benefits. However, considering that you also need a vehicle to tow a said trailer, that price could increase if you do not already own a vehicle capable of towing.


The cost of gas varies dramatically between vehicle types, and it is hard to say which is more affordable – trailer or RV. Many RVs are diesel-powered, equating to higher mileage at a steeper cost. Similarly, many trailer-towing vehicles are also diesel-powered. Both Los Angeles RV rentals and trailers come in many different styles and sizes, contributing to the cost of gas.

Insurance Cost

Motorhomes or RVs are generally more expensive to insure than trailers. Because RVs are driven, they often require liability coverage. Because trailers are pulled, the coverage is less so long as the towing vehicle is properly insured.


Both RVs and trailers require maintenance, and, again, on the surface, the maintenance of an RV will seem much more than that of a trailer. RVs have maintenance costs associated with a vehicle and living space, whereas trailers do not require vehicle maintenance. Of course, the caveat here is that the truck you use to tow a trailer will undergo more wear and tear and require more maintenance if used to tow often.


Many people find that one of the biggest trailer benefits is how easy they are to drive. Towing a trailer behind a vehicle isn’t that different from simply driving a vehicle. That said, it does not take long to get used to driving a motorhome, and one of the best ways to practice is by reserving California RV rentals.


Like all vehicles, trailers, and RVs both depreciate over time. Because RVs have mechanical components, they tend to depreciate more; however, neither holds their value particularly well.


The amount of usage is a good thing to consider when comparing trailers vs RVs. If you plan on living on the road for weeks, months, seasons, or years, an RV will be more comfortable and feel like home. Consider a travel trailer if you travel once or twice each year.


Because there are many models of both trailers and RVs on the road, you can find a vehicle that meets your accessibility needs under either umbrella. At Expedition Motorhomes, we would recommend renting first for your California RV trip or trailer trip to help understand what exactly you need.


While trailers have gotten bigger over the years, it is undeniable that RVs boast much more space than similarly sized trailers. This goes for both livable space and storage, so if you are traveling with a large group or for an extended period of time, an RV is likely the right choice for you.

No matter which type of vehicle you choose – trailer or RV – one thing is for sure: your California RV camping or trailer camping road trip is one you won’t forget. Whether you are currently ready to purchase a trailer or motorhome or would like to figure out some options, give the experts at Expedition Motorhomes a call today.


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