Visiting California in the Wake of Wildfires


Visiting California in the Wake of Wildfires

November 19, 2018 10:39 AM

Visiting California in the Wake of Wildfires

This year has been the worst wildfire season on record in California, and the state is still burning.  To this point, over 7,500 unique fires have burned an area well over 1,500,000 acres claiming countless homes, businesses, and lives in their paths.  The damage and destruction of California’s two current wildfires is no secret. Death tolls keep rising and more and more home are being lost each day.  Television news, Internet, and other media outlets have kept the country up to date on these tragedies with stunning footage of massive flames and the desolate post-burn destruction.  The lives of many Californians have been affected, and many people are asking us at Expedition Motorhomes what they can do to help.

Donations to local organizations helping with fire relief are great but, from a tourism standpoint, the best thing you can do is to continue to visit The Golden State.

California’s travel industry has been continuously growing for the past decade, solidifying leisure and hospitality as the third biggest contributor to the state’s economy.  Following any natural disaster, no matter the location, it is common for potential visitors to shy away from travel or choose a different destination. However, visiting an area following a disaster is one of the best things you can do as a traveler.  You don’t need to volunteer or donate to relief funds – simply continuing to visit is a major help.

Visitor numbers often drop during periods of strife, but at Expedition Motorhomes we are here to encourage you to do the opposite.

The media has not been painting a great picture of California in the past few weeks, as these wildfires blaze through our state seemingly uncontrollably. The fact is, however, that firefighters are working tirelessly to get the situation under control and California is a massive state.  There are plenty of areas adjacent to those in danger that are still worth a visit and even more that are completely unaffected by the current burns. Much of the state is operating normally and is still providing the world-class travel experiences that people come to expect when they visit California.

As you continue to watch the news and see images of California aflame, by all means send positive thoughts this way.  Better yet, though, send yourself this way!

Oftentimes the best way to help an area stuck in a period of natural disaster is to continue business as usual.  Whether you are planning a winter RV road trip in the coming months or already looking toward next spring, summer, and fall, Expedition Motorhomes is here for you.  The fresh energy and excitement that travelers bring to California provide inspiration to locals and a needed boost to local economies. So as our firefighters continue to fight the good fight and you wonder how you can help, start planning your next Expedition Motorhomes vacation.  Golden State road trips are as full of wonder and adventure as ever, and we guarantee all of us Californians will be excited to greet you with open arms.


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