Why Class B Vans are Perfect for Millennials?


Why Class B Vans are Perfect for Millennials?

August 31, 2022 11:38 AM

Millennials have gotten a lot of flack, and certainly, not all of it is warranted. By and large, this generation has chosen to march to the beat of their own drums – choosing and creating alternative lifestyles often promoting freedom and experience over stability and material goods. As such, this generation has given birth to the #vanlife culture, and with just a little bit of thought, it is easy to see why Class B vans – and Class B camper vans in particular – are so perfect for Millennials. With many Class B RVs on our lot in Los Angeles, we here at Expedition Motorhomes have experienced firsthand why these vehicles are so popular with this generation.

If you are curious about what all the fuss is about with Class B camper vans, reserve one for your own vacation and get the full experience. Not there yet? Keep reading to discover why exactly these vehicles are so perfect for millennials.

Easy Driving

First and foremost, Class B RVs are easy to drive. These vehicles are essentially just large vans, meaning they handle well, operate in all conditions with relative ease, and can go anywhere. For a generation largely motivated by adventure, this is critical. Many millennials have adopted van life as a way to work remotely and experience this country, and world, to the fullest. Because they can go virtually anywhere and are easy to drive, Class B vans are perfect for that adventure-focused millennial.

Gas Mileage

Gas prices are high and, for a population of people who value experience above all else, every penny counts. Class B camper vans, in comparison to other RVs, get much better gas mileage – making them especially alluring to the Millennial generation trying to save money and enjoy living. Further, for a generation perhaps more concerned about the environment than those that came before them, fuel efficiency is attractive from a climate change standpoint as well.


Many in the Millennial generation would consider themselves minimalists or at least would note that that is something they are striving for. In this regard, Class B vans make perfect sense. Not only do the size of these vans necessitate occupants to live simply, but they also provide housing and transportation – the ultimate for those trying to minimize both their belongings and footprint.

Book a Class B RV rental today!

RV living certainly isn’t for everyone, and it takes a special person to completely live out of Class B camper vans. That said, everyone would benefit from an RV vacation. For that, Expedition Motorhomes, the best RV rental provider in Los Angeles, California, has you covered. Whether you are considering a full transition into #vanlife, or are simply curious about living and travelling in Class B RVs, give our experts a call today. We’re always happy to help!


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